Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally Home

I'm not updating this as often as i thought i would. Alabama is now our official home! We found a house in a small town not far from the gates of Ft Rucker. I love the neighborhood! I'm still in the process of making this house a home. Brooklyn is getting used to being so far away from family. Not that she likes it, but she understands more now.
We already drove back to Missouri once to surprise my mom. I didn't tell anybody that Brooklyn and I were coming home. I even talked to mom a couple of times on the drive home and she thought we were shopping. It was about 10 when we finally made it to the house and with the help of my youngest sister, we snuck in and went to sleep in her room. The next morning mom still had no idea we were in my sisters bed, so she yelled for mom to come in the room. After a few minutes of waiting anxiously, mom opened the door and just stood there for a while trying to figure out who we were. Then she started hollering and said am i dreaming? what is going on? She couldn't believe it, i'm glad we actually pulled that off. It was a nice surprise.
Josh bought a new boat while Brooklyn and I were visiting back home. We shouldn't leave him home alone for too long or this is what happens!